Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Summer Love

Summer is coming to an end as I speak, I don't think I 'm quite ready for the change of weather, it's sad but true!! I love this look as everything about it screams summer, it's fun, playful and colourful, I will miss this pairing of a crop top, skater skirt and cut out shoes. I just might have brave the Autumn chills with these pair of nude cut out shoes, they are too cute to put away don't you think?

Monday, 18 August 2014


Hello my loves,
It's no secret I adore vibrant colourful looks and I'm not sure what it is about summer but I cannot seem to help but be expressive through colour. When it comes to pairing colours, the key is to use a statement piece as a focal point for the outfit and then piece the rest of the items/accessories to compliment or sometimes contrast the statement piece. In this case my colourful print skirt is my focal point and key statement of this look, since it has a mix of various colours, I could pair with complimentary colours of cobalt blue, mustard and more if need be. That's my tip in how to pull off a multi coloured/colour block look with ease. What do you think?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Pretty Florals

Hi sweeties, how are you all?
This past weekend has been great, it was my sister's birthday! I celebrated it with her and found out something quite amusing that I'll share. So for years when it comes to picking out a birthday card for her, I always pick out sweet cards with teddy bears or love hearts (pretty much any birthday card with a teddy bear) assuming that this is what she likes, but I found out she actually doesn't really like anything to do with teddy bears! Now I know, amusingly she also usually picks out birthday cards for me that have something to do with fashion, clothes, shopping ( you get the picture) but I actually prefer cards with meaningful words, poetry! We have both learned something new lol! Has this ever happened to anyone else?

It's fare to say these rainbow mirrored sunglasses are a favourite of mine this summer, it creates the perfect excuse to indulge in some major colour blocking plus it can easily update any understated look. I decided to pair it with this pretty floral top with jeans for a more casual look and combine green and pink hues. I love how loose fitted the top is, the fabric and of course it's main attraction the florals. Much more colourful posts coming up soon x

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